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Occupational health and safety of manufacturing, defence and mining workers includes compliance of the built environment of their workplaces. Employers manage the associated risks through appraisal of structures, air and water, and maintaining up to date registers in compliance with workplace health and safety regulations.

At QED Environmental Services we work with mining, defence and industrial employers on workplace health and safety compliance related to the built environment.

Relevant Services

Hazardous Materials and Chemical Management

To ensure the safety of occupants and contractors, regulations oblige all buildings to maintain current registers of stored chemicals and hazardous materials in their structure. QED schedules regular audit inspections and because we specialise in building compliance programmes, clients benefit from our tailored online service to keep their registers up to date.

Cooling Tower Risk Assessments

The risks from contaminated water in cooling towers require careful management. QED undertakes annual risk assessments and through online tools ensures that monthly water treatment and analysis is always compliant.

Indoor Air and Water Quality

Consensus research shows pollutants in indoor air may occur more frequently and at higher concentrations than in outdoor air. There is clear evidence that indoor air is the major source for workplace exposure to airborne contaminants, and limits for these are set in OH&S regulations around Australia.

Who we work with

We have undertaken specialist work in:

  • aviation control towers: Indoor environment quality–productivity of air traffic controllers
  • Clean rooms: particle testing according to clean room international standards
  • LNG train control room: gas permeability testing –survival during a catastrophic leak
  • Submarine base: ventilation adequacy –safety of torpedo specialists
  • Shipping and customs: asbestos surveys and monitoring clean-ups on- board and on-shore


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How IEQ Impacts Employee Productivity

We believe tenants should engage with landlords on the indoor environment quality with the same level of importance at which they consider the energy consumption of a building – it will improve their bottom line faster!

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