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Radio Frequency

Rooftop radiofrequency (RF) hazards generally comprise mobile phone antenna installations on rooftops. Whilst the equipment is maintained by phone network operators, building owners and managers are required to manage the risk of exposure to RF radiation by personnel accessing the rooftop. This would typically be maintenance staff or contractors as rooftops are generally not accessible to building occupants or the public.

RF Risk Management Plans

For existing antenna installations, QED Environmental Services prepares RF risk management plans which comprise:

  • compliance audit of documentation and signage; and/or
  • testing of RF levels on site to confirm they are within guidelines.

For more information on how QED can help manage the risk of exposure to RF radiation please contact us.


How IEQ Impacts Employee Productivity

We believe tenants should engage with landlords on the indoor environment quality with the same level of importance at which they consider the energy consumption of a building – it will improve their bottom line faster!

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