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Clearances for Cleaning

At certain times, tenants seek further assurance that their workplace is thoroughly clean, for example to limit exposure to a contagious disease where it is suspected an occupant was infected.

We can undertake clearance testing of workplaces immediately after cleaning or immediately after cleaning then application of disinfectant. Disinfectant should always be applied after first cleaning with detergent for maximum effect of the disinfectant’s active ingredient.

Our clearance methodology involves:

  • Understanding the cleaning contractor’s processes and chemicals – we can assist with scoping the clean if required
  • Visual inspection for dust and dirt – re-cleaning may be required before further testing
  • Swabbing a statistically significant sample of surfaces – the number will depend on the size of the workplace and other factors. In most cases we use an instant ATP test (adenosine triphosphate test). In certain cases, we might recommend bacterial testing, though this is higher cost and laboratory analysis can take up to four days.

Please note: we use the terminology applying disinfectant because a surface cannot within reason be assuredly disinfected. Similarly, analysing swabs for a specific virus, for example SARS-CoV-2, is generally not advised because a statistically valid sample from throughout the workplace would unlikely be feasible.

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How IEQ Impacts Employee Productivity

We believe tenants should engage with landlords on the indoor environment quality with the same level of importance at which they consider the energy consumption of a building – it will improve their bottom line faster!

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