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Clandestine Labs

Premises that have operated as clandestine drug laboratories, or Clan Labs, contain extremely toxic residues from the manufacture of illicit drugs. The main drug being manufactured in this manner is methamphetamine, commonly known as ice.

Before the premises may be reoccupied a professional remediation is required to remove all residual toxins. This cleaning should be undertaken by suitably qualified firms with adequate protective equipment to maintain the safety of workers.

QED Environmental Services can manage the whole Clan Lab clean-up process:

  • take initial samples to determine the degree of contamination;
  • develop a scope of works and tender documentation for the remediation; and
  • clearance sampling after the decontamination to confirm the residence is safe to reoccupy.

QED staff has experience in a variety of situations involving remediation of Clan Labs, for example rental or sale of the property, or following police investigation.

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